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Lughath (Dictionary) is not a favorite book for Urdu readers.  For a first few hundred years, (mughal and pre-mughal period) Persians took the lead in writing bi-lingual, Farsi to Urdu, and then English followed with English to Urdu dictionaries.  It is in the second half of the nineteenth century that Urdu-dan made an effort to write Urdu to Urdu dictionaries. Even today after 150 years, there is no one Urdu dictionary that could make a claim to meet the international standard of lexicography.  Farhang-e-Amir, published in 2010, can make such a claim.

Urdu Lugath ki Tareekh is a fairly detail history of Urdu lexicography of the past couple hundred years. For scholars and linguists, this has a wealth of information on Urdu dictionaries.


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