The Unified Democratic Constitution (UDC) is written to remove the weaknesses existing in the modern western democracies, such as the American Constitution. At present we observe the USA Government is not functional and the power is wielded by a very rich who have most of the wealth of the country.

The UDC is a scientifically developed system of governance without politics. Instead of politicians running the government, it will be the committees of highly qualified professional who will be operating the various branches of the government. To curb the power of any one office, all major decisions are made by votes of the members of the committees. Although, more than two hundred years old, the American democracy did not protect all its citizens. The Afro-Americans suffered in slavery, and until very recently, women did not have the rights to vote.

Please read this book to see how UDC will remove the fault lines in the present system of Western Democracies and restore a true democratic system of governance that will secure all human rights and bring peace and prosperity to a country and to the world.

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