This chart defines the eight pillars of Islamic Shariah. Perhaps, not before, Shariah was presented in a user friendly format for everyone to understand.  There is a great misunderstanding in the West about Islamic Shariah because it is not fully explained. Even great scholars of Islam, do not have the full comprehension about the laws governing a Muslim society. To them, Islam is; namaz, roosa, haj and jihad and archaic punishments as Saudi Arabia and ISIS are exercising.  For example: The punishment of adultery is death by stoning (as given in the Old and New Testament), but in Islam the proof of adultery is when four male witness the act at such a close range as to see the penetration like one sees the needle of the mascara enters and come out in the mascara bottle. Such proof is almost impossible to get, thereby making the punishment void. Here in lies the genius of Islam.  Similarly, the Islamic laws governing war was dictated by the Prophet before the war at Mecca (see Appendix).


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