Farhang-e-Amir is an encyclopedic dictionary and deals not only in lexicon but also provides information related to the language and literature. So, information about words and language needed in research or otherwise, by students or researchers is made available in one book. Perhaps, no such dictionary in Urdu or Persian exists at present. It is divided into three sections.

Section 1: This is dedicated to lexicon. The uniqueness of this dictionary is its identification of up to ten properties of any ‘word’.  And then, for every word provides as many properties as possible in a user friendly format; most dictionaries list 3 to 4 properties. There are almost 50,000 entries.

Section 2: This section provides information on 42 subjects relating to Urdu language and literature. For example:  History of Urdu literature, grammar, prosody, letter writing, etc.

Section 3: The third section deals with scientific terminology. It is bilingual; English scientific words and their corresponding Urdu words as translated by Dar-ul-Tarjuma at Osmania University.

There is no other Urdu dictionary like Farhang-e-Amir. It is also the first one to use graphs and tables to present data and other information for the convenience of the reader.

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