syed jaffer amir rizvi
Syed Jafar Amir Rizvi

Syed Jafar  Amir Born in Hyderabad, educated in Nizam College (Osmania University), I left for the States for higher education in the nineteen sixties. Seven years in graduate schools and few graduate degrees later, I joined the work force as a thermo-nuclear scientist and engineer in various nuclear facilities and advance research centers in the USA.  After working for more than thirty years, I retired to rekindle my passion for Urdu literature. About ten years later, I have eighteen books to my name, many of them on lexicography, translation, prosody and poetry, as can be seen in the list provided below.

The reception of my books in India, what little effort I put in their promotion, was not that good. Living in the USA all my life, I was a non-entity in the literary circles in India. Also, the books on lexicography (Encyclopedic dictionaries, Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms, Thematic Dictionary, etc) are not much in demand in India, a country that has disowned Urdu. When I wrote these books, I knew what their fate will be.  But, I wrote them anyway, since books like, encyclopedic dictionaries, Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms, Thematic Dictionary, should be in the treasury of any language claiming for respectability.

Reason for the Decline of Urdu:  There is such in a molasses in the Urdu community that the status of Urdu has regressed to a ‘spoken language’ only. The forbearers of Urdu, in general, do not have the passionate love for Urdu or the foresight to protect its future. As a generation, we have not done justice to one of the best languages of the world, our own mother tongue. We have not carried the torch handed to us by our forefathers.    Any excuse cannot change the fact we have caused the decline of Urdu.